Kristen Marin Doula, Birth and Newborn Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients are often full of questions and here I provide some brief answers. Please reach out if you have further questions!

About Birth Photography

Can you tell me what birth photography is?

Birth photography is simply the visual story of your baby's birth! Birth photographers capture everything from labor and delivery to getting to know your new baby. Birth is a sacred space, and I recognize the need to capture a pregnant person laboring down and giving birth discretely. I capture your child's first breaths and your partner's first glimpse of their new child. I include labor support persons and family members. Birth photography is like documentary photography where I do not pose or direct, but simply act as a fly on the wall to capture the story and spirit of the moment. These are moments that cannot be recaptured, and many clients tell me they revisit their birth story over and over, with and without their children. 

What is included with a birth story?

I will be on call for your delivery two weeks before and two weeks after your due date, and will come to your birth no matter the hour of the night or day, or day of the week. While I provide several different options for your birth package, every birth story comes with a handcrafted wooden box containing your printed birth images and a thumb drive of your digital images.

What if I love birth images but am not sure I want someone there photographing ME?

This is perfectly understandable considering birth is a very private matter and intimate event. We will meet before your birth to discuss your concerns. Rest assured I do everything in my power to protect your privacy and make sure that we are on the same page about what you are and are not comfortable with me photographing.

Birth Photography Timeline

Before birth:

We will meet one another and get to know each other casually. I like to show a slideshow of a full birth story. We will go over your comfort level with having me present, and what you would ideally liked photographed.

When in labor:

You call me and give me a heads up that you are starting labor, and then I will come when you are in active labor. I will always err on the side of being cautious so as not to miss your birth. I will stay one to two hours after your birth.

After your birth: 

I will come to you two to three weeks after your birth and we will go through all of the images so that you and your family members can select printed photos and products that suit your needs. I always send out a few sneak peeks before our meeting so that you can announce your birth with a professional photo to your family and friends via email or social media!


I love birth photography but don't know if I can afford it?

While I understand every family's budget is different, I would like to try to make birth photography a possibility for you. That is why I offer payment plans. Please contact me for further details. More information about the investment for photography services with Kristen Marin can be found here.

I also like maternity and newborn images. Do you offer those services as well?

Of course! I enjoy photographing pregnant persons with their partners and families. I also love coming to your home to capture your newborn at home with you and your family. My newborn sessions are a bit different in that I come to your home in your baby's first few weeks and capture your new family life as it is: snuggles, kisses and cuddles. Yes, even changes and feedings! I offer packages with these services added to birth stories as well as on their own.

Booking a Birth Story

When should we book our birth story?

As I am very limited to how many births I can be on call for and schedule per month, I recommend that you call me as soon as possible to see if I am available around your due date. There is no right or wrong time to call, but I prefer to meet you before your third trimester.

How do I book my birth story with you?

Call me at (949) 500-8622, email me or fill in my contact form and I will call you back within 24 hours. Your due date and on call period is placed in my calendar when the contract is signed and session fee paid.

How do I pay you?

While I prefer cash or check, I also accept all major credit cards via internet transaction.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Please contact me for details.

Family Sessions

What can I expect from our family session with you?

They are very lighthearted and fun. I make sure we get the family portraits that you desire, as well as play and the in between moments that I call happy accidents. We will play, laugh, play some more and are never too serious.

Where do you photograph families?

I love photographing families in your home and out in nature. In your home because I get to capture you in your most precious space. And out in nature because that is where people are more relaxed and it makes for gorgeous images. Newborn sessions are done exclusively in the comfort of your own home. If you have a certain location in mind, please let me know.

How long are your sessions?

Family sessions typically last 1-2 hours at most. Newborn sessions are a little longer because I work on baby time :) We will spend 2 to 3 hours together.

What should we wear?

I send out an email discussing this further when you book a session. :)

How do I book my session with you?

Call me at (949) 500-8622, email me, or fill in my contact form and I will call you back within 24 hours. Your session date is placed in my calendar when the contract is signed and session fee paid.

How do I pay you?

While I prefer cash or check, I also accept all major credit cards via internet transaction.

General Questions:

Do we get all of the digital photos?

For birth packages, yes. I give you a set of the best digital photos from your session on a thumb drive for you to keep. I also offer printed proofs, larger prints, and albums. For newborn, maternity and family photo sessions, a variety of packages are offered including digital images.

Do you take photos in color?

Indeed, although I prefer the aesthetic of black and white photos. All photos delivered to clients come in both a color set and black and white set, or some combination there of. For births, all images are given in a color set and black and white set. For families and head shots, photos are all in color with a few artistic black and whites given at the discretion of the photographer.

Why don't you share more color photos?

Good question. I don't know! I share what I like... I truly love both color and black and white for different photos and different moods. :)

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