Kristen Marin Doula, Birth and Newborn Photographer

“Oh Kristen, thank you so much! We absolutely love every single image you captured. I started tearing up as I looked at some of the photos. And some I don’t even remember happening. Thank you so much for putting together the story of how our son Niam came into the world. These photos are truly something we will treasure for the rest of our lives.”

– Samina Khushal

"The pictures made me CRY. They are so incredibly beautiful and you are so talented. Thank you SO much."

– Lisa Whelan

“Yay & Wow!!! Thanks SO much!!! We love the moments you captured so artistically!!! You’re a rock star.”

– Anakela Washington

 “The black and whites… Wow. I LOVE black and white photography. It’s so dramatic, and just full of emotion.”

– Emily Olinger

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